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26, pussy boi living in LA

Moan all you need to, sweetie.

Electro induced forced orgasm. Resist all you want but you’re gonna cum in that cage 


It’s powerful. To be contacted by for a follower; a devoted sub who is articulate and he wants nothing more than to worship me and my cock. He serves me as my slave. He fantasizes about me fucking him; raping his cunt. Holding onto my thick arms as I shove my 8 thick inches into his cunt. He fantasizes about me as he rides a fucking huge and thick realistic dildo. That’s right. It’s me faggot. Feel me deep. Now, I want you to faggasm for me. I want to feel you shake as your faggot ass spasms. Cum like a woman as I fuck you. I have converted you into being less than a man. My strength. Now deep in your head. I own you. I’m in your head. It Makes my cock granite hard.


The faggot’ words:

Today , your blog helped me get through the day. It's difficult when I hit heat and I need to serve but just not in line with an Alpha to do so. I turn to your blog for those moments where i'm at my most vulnerable. Just staring at your package, reading your thoughts, it alleviates the intensity.


Thank you coach, i'm going to ride you tonight, moan and spasm on your cock. Oh the power you hold coach. Thank you for having a large cock, for being a superior male. Thank you for being everything i cant be. Thank you for having the confidence i dont. Thank you for showing off, for telling it like it is and accepting us faggots. Thank you, for being a Man Sir.


I dont know how long its been (riding your cock) Coach, an hour maybe two i have not been keeping time. Im lost at the bliss of your cock. Nothing feels better than accepting my place and accepting the truth.


Im here to serve you, to serve men like you, to be useful in anyway you see fit Coach. I have never wanted to be subjugated as I do when Im serving cock and the men who were blessed to have the manhood that deserves worship, like you Coach. Once your cock carves me out and leaves its imprint after streching me out, the emptiness is something i cant do without. I need it back in. I dont mean to sound crazy or annoying. If I do I apologize but im lost in the train of thought of service. I know your one of the only few men who understand where this desire and heat comes from.


I was born with a purpose and when i ride your cock, i truly feel like my purpose is clear. I am your inferior, I’m proud I am, and I worship, obey and submit myself to your needs wants and desires whatever they may be. Once fagged out, im an extension of your will and power, addicted to the truth you seed within us betas. Thank you Coach, Thank you SIr, Thank you Master.


So good. My pet. My slave. My faggot.


When I reread this. I think Of how good it feels to feel a woman or a faggot under me, while 8-9 inches deep in his/her cunt, holding her stills as s/he cums. Shuttlering. Shaking. In full orgasm. A happy victim to power and purpose of being a man.

Just like this.

Streaming video. Big Boy downloading.

Boy, what the hell are you wearing? Those are not what I set out for you. Go and change. But Sir, he speedo is so tight that everyone will see the outline of my cage and plug. Exactly, my boy. That is entirely the point. You need to embrace who you are. You are my chastity sub boy. You always will be. Now be a good boy and go and change

There needs to be a new word in the English language. There is a state you enter when in chastity that isn't just horny. Men get horny, fags get horny, everyone gets horny. But Men will cum and get over and fags won't. The horniness grows and mutates and becomes something new. And begging to cum because you're so horny doesn't convey what is really happening.

You become desperate. Not even necessarily to cum, you're just filled with a sense of urgency. You have to do something. NOW. Whether it be ripping your cage off and jacking off or getting mercilessly fucked or tied down or anything, you just need something. Sometimes I find myself begging Sir please and when asked what my pleases are for, I don't have an answer. Something. Anything. Please Sir please.

You feel like you're devolving. You're not a person anymore, you're an animal. When you're deep in chastity you understand why pig is such a commonly used word to degrade subs. You want to wallow in sex, you want to bathe in cum, you want to be used and used and used until you're facedown in a pool of cum and piss, exhausted and sore, hurting all over from being used as a fucktoy, a footrest, a urinal, everything you could possibly be used for, completely and utterly spent. And then you want to be used again.

It's not horniness anymore. It's an all consuming feeling that has taken over your body and is taking over your mind with every second it stays in you. You can't do anything without thinking about how much better it would be if you were making this Jambalaya while naked, ankles and hands cuffed, gagged and plugged, with nipple clamps dangling off of you. The employee who smiled as he walked by as you tried on new shoes should come over and shove your face into his shoes and spank you in the middle of the store and make you the new complimentary fucktoy the store lets people fuck as they try on shoes in order to drum up business.

One of the most embarrassing moments in my life was inside a bank while deep in the throes of horniness. I was waiting for the teller to get back with my deposit slip idly daydreaming when I realized I was humping the bank counter. I immediately stopped and looked around mortified to see if anyone was looking at me and quickly left in shame when the teller finally came back. That's not simple horniness. I hadn't even realized I was humping. My body was so desperate for stimulation that it had started trying to get some without me even realizing it. That is something else, something far more intense than simply being horny.

And the worst part is when you're right on the verge of getting so worked up you develop the ability to climb the walls, you finally get to cum and then you miss it. You're relieved at first, you're able to think clearly and you can lay in bed and not go crazy and it's wonderful. You're not constantly craving orgasm anymore. But then you miss it. You want it back. You forget how crazy and desperate you were and only think about how much fun it was. You regret having gone so long only to have to start all the way over. So you go a while in chastity again and feel the deep desperation settle in like an old friend who never left.

You can never really escape it, when you cum it is now just a countdown to when you return to this state again. It is your life now. You forget about concentrating at work and instead spend your time writing dirty posts describing how horny you are and how to get as much dick in you as you could possibly take and then take it a few more times and then you could be tied up in the closet all day while being forced to watch porn and go maddeningly horny and then he could come in and fuck your face while he told you all about his plans for the next day when you're gonna spend the entire day under his desk where he's gonna smother your face with his feet all day while he works and then and then and then and then and then.....

Objectified, the houseboy was kept restrained in the sling, and offered up as an hors devour, for any of his master's distinguished guests to use, throughout the evening.

Sir locked and pegs and sling Sir

Oh my god boy, you were right, I should have had you do this sooner. I knew your mouth was made for taking cock, I just never knew it also belonged in my ass. I feel like I could do this all day.

That's a great idea. In fact I think just all day today isn't enough. It's a good thing I waited to buy the furniture for the new office, I've got something new in mind. I'm seeing a new chair of my own design. A little bulky for an office chair sure, but imagine it. A big black leather chair, stuffed full of fag. You'd be encased in rubber so you match the chair, we can't sacrifice decor for utility after all, fists in mitts, rubber preventing you from touching yourself at all or moving. You'd be kept completely still and inserted into the chair, with your face serving as my seat all day.

Well there is one bit of you that will be allowed to move. The bit currently exploring my insides of course. I imagine resistance at first, it's hard to remain perfectly encased and still all day. I know! I'll l just pump you full of brainwashing tapes while you're in there until you really can't think of anything but pleasuring my ass all day as I work. You will think of nothing but my hole. It will be all of your existence while you are my chair. You will be nothing but a place for me to sit, a mindless unthinking object to keep me motivated as I work, to keep me horny and sadistic all day so I can dream of new deliciously terrible things to do to you when my work is done.

I'd ask you what you think of this plan but the answer is made clear by the fact that I unlocked you before we started and you've completely ignored your little fagcock in order to focus on my hole. What a good chair you're going to make. I've always wanted to work with my husband and now I get to. And you're starting work in a position I think will take years and years to earn a promotion from. Maybe eventually you could get promoted to urinal but for now, deeper boy, deeper. This is your job interview and you've got to impress the toughest boss you're ever going to have. Me.